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Educators can support language development by providing English learners (ELs) with access to a wide assortment of engaging, content-rich, age-appropriate texts in instruction. We are here to help you find the materials you need to help support your EL students.

Mackin has many types of resources to support your ELs including:

High-interest, low-level texts (High-Low)

Texts with strong visual support

Multicultural, inclusive, and authentic texts that provide windows, doors, and mirrors for all students to engage with literature

World language options

Varying reading levels to support acquisition of new vocabulary

Decodable and phonics resources

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Building A Diverse Book Collection
Navigating Nonfiction: Curating Engaging Reads for English Learners

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Use MackinVIA to Support EL Students

Mackin’s eBooks and digital audiobooks are hosted in MackinVIA™, our FREE digital content management system. MackinVIA is a multi-award-winning digital content management system providing easy access to eBooks, read-alongs, class sets, digital audiobooks, databases, and videos. With just one login, users can view, utilize, and manage all their digital resources through a browser or mobile apps.

Mackin distributes titles from over 9,000 publishers which provide high quality, high-interest digital materials. With access to over 3 million digital items available to distribute from over 9,0000 publishers, you will find virtually all the titles you need for your students or staff in a digital format – eBook or digital audiobook.

MackinVIA’s platform has multiple features that offer support and scaffolds for your English learners.

Highlighting and Note-Taking
Students can highlight words within the text to identify words they don’t know, search text for new vocabulary, or identify newly learned words or phonics patterns.
Students can listen to eBooks read aloud at a pace they choose.
A professionally narrated eBook that highlights text as it’s read, so students can easily follow along.
Extend learning or provide background knowledge by accessing videos that support learning concepts.
Students can search within the text using the dictionary function. Hear pronunciations and see the full context definition without leaving the app. Students can also search for other instances of the same word in the text.
Offline Reading
Support English language proficiency at home.
Search Filters
Find the right texts in your collection that align with a desired reading level or reading program (F&P, Lexile, etc.).