Certification & Workshops

MackinVIA Certification Course

Become a MackinVIA expert and optimize your students’ digital reading experience! Upon completion of the course, you will receive a MackinVIA Certified digital badge and a Certificate of Completion.

Librarians & MackinVIA Administrators

Certificate of Completion: 4 Hours

This free course, offered through the Teachable platform, will take you through the basics of setting up your MackinVIA account and give you an opportunity to explore some of the many ways you will be able to customize and utilize your MackinVIA digital library to engage your students in literacy.

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Note: In order to complete the course, you need to be an administrator of your MackinVIA account.

Teachers With Group Manager Access

Certificate of Completion: 2 Hours

This free course, built for teachers with group manager access, will provide an overview of the features within MackinVIA and give you an opportunity to explore the customization tools included with group manager rights.

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Note: In order to complete the course, you need to be a group manager of your organization’s MackinVIA.


Unlocking the Power of MackinVIA in the Classroom

This 2-3 hour workshop is designed to amplify the usage of MackinVIA in the classroom. Within this workshop, participants will explore their school’s digital resources, learn how to navigate and apply the tools within MackinVIA, and work in teams to brainstorm practical ideas for bringing their learning back to their own classrooms. Each workshop is customized according to your grade levels (K-12) and goals.

Take-aways for each attendee include additional digital resources, sample MackinVIA lesson plans, research, and more!

Workshop includes an exploration of the following:
Finding resources in MackinVIA
Digging into text with MackinVIA
Customizing the reading experience
Planning & Organizing
Planning and organizing resources using Groups

Cost For Virtual Workshop:


Cost For On-Site Workshop:


Max Participants Per Workshop:


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*On-site workshops are $4,500 plus travel expenses