MackinMaker offers custom onsite and virtual workshops to support in creating and implementing a makerspace, learning how to use and manage new products, and integrating more robotics and hands-on learning into content area learning.

Product Specific Workshops

Product based workshops support teachers in getting to know new tools for student learning.

Product Specific Workshops Offered by MackinMaker Include:

Orientation to the MackinMaker Gamified Kit, Onsite Workshop or 75-minute webinar

LEGO® Education

Makey Makey Invention Literacy Training


Hummingbird Bit

Finch 2.0

Additional custom product training available upon request

Making a Makerspace

MackinMaker works with educators to explore why making is an excellent tool to engage students, as well as characteristics, norms, and potential procedures that educators may want to implement as they consider the vision for their makerspace.

Creating a Culture of Making in Your School

One of the most important elements to operating a successful makerspace is cultivating a culture of making. MackinMaker supports educators in creating their own unique culture of making.

Maker Education in the Classroom

Maker Education is an effective way of teaching that celebrates the diverse learning styles and needs of our students.MackinMaker can support educators in integrating making into classroom subjects.

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