The All-New Whole-School Library Resource Management System

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Invest in your students' education with MackinVision, our brand-new, innovative library management solution that grows with your students.

Your library software should be state of the art, flexible, and attend to the dynamic needs of your library and all your students. MackinVision was carefully developed with a user-driven approach right from the start. We address the needs of the students and library staff at every step of the way. Regular evaluation and development ensure that MackinVision meets the ever-changing demands of technological advances while supporting the favorable educational outcomes of students.

Give your students the ultimate library experience.

About the New MackinVision

The Future of Library Management Has Arrived

Designed with your students in mind, this easy-to-use, modern interface provides common-sense navigation that helps students get the information they need effortlessly.

Intuitive browsing interface designed with and for your students
Multi-level access keeps student data secure
Automate essential circulation tasks
Teacher portal keeps tabs on classroom materials
Whole-school rostering promotes interdisciplinary learning
Seamlessly interweave library, classroom, and extracurricular content
Multimedia searching across print, digital, and database resources
Complementary SIS and SSO integration
Aggregated dashboard, live analytics
Centralized reporting
Custom templates for non-book items

MackinVision STAR

Engage Readers of All Ages With MackinVision STAR

Introducing MackinVision STAR, an innovative platform tailored for readers seeking an easy-to-navigate, visually engaging learning experience.

Simple and Visual
STAR is a simplified interface with picture-based searching designed to support new and striving readers.
Incorporates an extensive selection of avatars and backgrounds to appeal to different age groups.
STAR enables users to change color themes and customize their learning environment.
Mobile Friendly
Offers the latest generation technology and has been developed from the ground up for tablets and mobile devices.
Attractive Interface
Manages print and digital resources, reading lists, book reviews, important reminders, and more.


Set Your Students on the Right Path to Learning Excellence

With LearnPath integrated into your MackinVision, students and staff have access to pages tailored to curriculum, clubs, and interests. This allows for information to be organized and assembled in an easily accessible format, specific to the student’s individual needs.

One-Stop Shop
A dedicated location to guide students to relevant, high-quality learning resources on a specific subject or topic.
Immediate access to an extensive library of ready-made content pages produced by experienced teachers and librarians.
Ability to collaborate and share content between LearnPath users.
Leverage the expertise of your library staff and maximize the use of your resources.

Teacher Library Portal

The Power, Flexibility, and Control to Make Your Day More Productive

The Teacher Library Portal enables educators to circulate school library and classroom resources straight from their phone or laptop. There are even reports built in so that teachers can see progress over time as well as what titles are trending in their classroom.

Empower Staff
Whole-school rostering empowers teachers, coaches, IT, curriculum coordinators, and more to manage their respective resources.
Circulate book and non-book items, such as devices, uniforms, instruments, equipment, textbooks, and more.
Classroom Dashboard
Classroom dashboard provides insight into class reading activity and engagement.
Quick Scanning
Quickly scan items using device camera – no additional equipment needed.

MackinVision Features

Administrator Features

Present the unique and informative functionality to stakeholders and decision makers with speed and agility. The easy-to-use reporting system, available in multiple ranges of formats, makes this task a breeze.

Analytical Reporting allows live time creation of charts and data as you select your fields so that you can see what the report will look like prior to printing.
Enhancing resources can be done through bulk action with customizable parameters.
Built-In Wizards
So many wizard functions built in to quickly help with things like running reports, printing off barcodes and spine labels, and so much more!
Many daily tasks can be automated.

Customizable OPAC

With a customizable OPAC that reflects your library and your school, you can create a highly personalized system, precisely to your tastes and needs.

Secure Solution

MackinVision is a cloud-based solution that is constantly responding to changing environments and needs and continues to meet best practice standards so your library will function as intended, anywhere, anytime.

Mackin & Softlink America

Working Together, Creating Better Solutions for School Libraries

What happens when two leaders in the field of education combine their respective 40 years of experience? The outcome is a partnership with a primary focus on understanding the importance of education and its continual evolution, along with addressing the need to deliver the quality services and products necessary to meet this objective. Today, you can experience the result of this collaboration with MackinVision, a superior library management system already seen as the future of whole-school resource management.

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Since its inception, Softlink America has been guided by the mission to help school libraries create “future-proof” schools with a secure, leading-edge library management system, tailored to the growing needs of students and educators. This forward-thinking philosophy harmonizes perfectly with Mackin’s objective, which is to provide the highest-quality educational products to every district across the country while delivering incomparable service at an unmatched level. This mindset explains why Mackin is considered the gold standard in this industry.

Furthermore, the availability of nearly 4.2 million print and digital, PK-12 grade fiction and nonfiction titles, along with the vast array of educational services and products they offer daily, demonstrates why over 65,000 customers, worldwide, choose Mackin as their sole source for all their educational materials.

Softlink, the original creators of the cutting-edge library management software, Oliver, have now integrated their technology into the all-new MackinVision, giving Mackin a proprietary library management system of the highest quality, backed and powered by a robust, state-of-the-art platform.

Technology is only as good as the solutions or opportunities it offers to users. That’s why MackinVision employs a student-friendly, user-centric approach to the interface of this LMS giving student and educators an attractive and versatile platform to work within.

For younger students, or those looking for a platform that meets them at their skill level, there is MackinVision STAR, offering a fresh and inviting interface for students to learn and grow their abilities.

MackinVision is also designed with LearnPath, a unique and integral feature of the software that combines library and digital resources to enhance the library experience and empower students on their academic journey.

MackinVision and MackinVision STAR, both powered by the technology of Softlink, represent the strength of a partnership designed to move education in a positive direction, all while bearing the trust of the Mackin name.

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