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We’ve put together these packages to help spread the word about MackinVIA to your fellow educators, students, and their parents! Each themed package includes:



Shelf Marker


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Space Theme

Cheetah Theme

Penguins Theme

Toucan Theme

Scavenger Hunts


Scavenger Hunt For Users Grades 3-12


Scavenger Hunt For Users


Scavenger Hunt For Administrators

Games and Activities


VIA Adventure Reading Challenge Game


Sunny Summer Stories


Read the Rainbow


Read and Reflect

Articles For Educators


Deepen Comprehension With Digital Tools


How Digital Books Can Enhance Classroom Libraries


Print or Digital? What Does the Neuroscience Say?


How Can You Use MackinVIA in Your Classroom

Classroom Collaboration


MackinVIA Teaching Guide Slideshow


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MackinVIA Courses


Become a MackinVIA expert and optimize your students’ digital reading experience! Our free courses, offered through the Teachable platform, will take you through the basics of setting up your MackinVIA account and will give you an opportunity to explore some of the many ways you will be able to customize and utilize your MackinVIA digital library to engage your students in literacy.

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This 2-3 hour workshop is designed to amplify the usage of MackinVIA in the classroom. Within this workshop, participants will explore their school’s digital resources, learn how to navigate and apply the tools within MackinVIA, and work in teams to brainstorm practical ideas for bringing their learning back to their own classrooms. Each workshop is customized according to your grade levels (K-12) and goals.

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Webinars and Trainings


Inquiry-Driven Learning: MackinVIA for Units of Study and Literature Circle

Tools for Diving Deep: MackinVIA for Guided and Close Reading

Digital Independent Reading in the Classroom

Training Videos

Administrator Tutorials

Student Tutorials

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Digital Tools For Student Engagement & Comprehension

MackinVIA and Beyond

Pair Print and Digital Texts to Support Reading at Home!

Learn more about our Take-Home / Summer Reading Book Packs.

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