MackinVIA Tag Reports, Screen Controls, and Checkout History

MackinVIA Tag Reports, Screen Controls, and Checkout History Release Notes

Tag Report – In conjunction with the new Tag feature, we have developed a system where users can view a report of their library collection based on Mackin’s set of tagged titles. Data for the report is built when a collection is uploaded for TitleMatch. A collection analysis is recommended to view classification details.

Users will be able to drill down into the various categories and tags to view classification and title information. From the Options menu, print selected categories or export a list of titles to Excel.

Additionally, users can easily search for more tagged titles directly from the report.

Please note: The report will be a snapshot of our tag information at the time it’s created. To incorporate new tags added by our Collection Development team, users will need to update their collection for TitleMatch, or their collection analysis will need to be reprocessed on the last step.

MackinVIA Release Notes

MackinVIA Apps Version 5.9.0 – includes several enhancements to audiobook playback.

30 seconds forward – The ability to skip forward 30 seconds has been added to the audiobook player.

Lock screen controls for iOS – Lock screen controls on the iOS interface have been updated to include forward/back 30 seconds.

Lock screen controls for Android – New lock screen controls are now available on the Android interface. These are very useful for audiobook playback. Please note: The Android lock screen doesn’t support skip actions, so forward/back track buttons are displayed instead of forward/back 30 seconds.

Interrupted downloads – The apps have been enhanced to prevent the device from going to sleep during downloads, which interrupts the process.

Remember speed setting – Adjustments to the audiobook speed will now be remembered per device. Please note: The speed setting is available on the web and in the app on iOS devices.


Searching Checkout History – The ability to search has been added to Checkout History. This functionality is very similar to searching inside the notebook. To see Past Checkouts, backpack users click on Checkouts in the backpack menu and then click the Past Checkouts button at the top of the page.

TeachingBooks Deep Discovery Search – Our newest Deep Discovery partner is TeachingBooks. The team at TeachingBooks created a search API for us to query their system and pull back results for a custom results page.

More Mackin Classics – Several new Mackin Classics with beautiful custom covers are on the way to including top sellers:

  • The Great Gatsby
  • Oedipus the King of Thebes
  • Othello
  • Heidi
  • The Swiss Family Robinson
MackinVIA Admin

Class Set Add/Drop Period notifications – New email notifications will be sent to Administrators and Group Managers when the add/drop period for a class set approaches the end date. This will provide additional information about current allocated class sets and allow an administrator to easily forward information to teachers working with the class set if needed.

  • Two notifications will be sent per class set – One when 7 days are left in the period and one when 2 days are left
  • Emails will be sent to the person who created the class set (NOT everyone who receives notifications)
  • Users will receive these emails even if their notifications are set to “Off”in the admin area.