MackinVIA Resource Updates and More

MackinVIA Resource Updates and More


MackinVIA Version: 6.2.0
Please note: An app update is required to take advantage of the fixes.

MackinVIA Admin

Resources – In the MackinVIA Admin area, our IT staff has been working on updating each page cosmetically or to update features available. The Resources page has been rewritten with some changes made that will pave the way for us to add additional search enhancements in the future. The functionality is identical with the exceptions detailed below.

  • The search box under the School Name now performs a keyword search.
  • Results do not dynamically filter as you enter a term into the search box. The search must be executed before the filter is applied. This functionality was adjusted in order to support additional search enhancements coming in the future. Due to this change, we’ve added a button on the Deleted Resources page so users can easily clear their term when performing a search.
  • When selecting a specific resource type under the Resources menu, the resulting page will prominently display the resource type in the header. To search all types of resources, choose “All” from the Resource menu. The resource type filter will be present in the sidebar.
  • Resource buttons, such as Active/Inactive, Edit, and Delete, are located in the same position whether you’re viewing a title from the Resources page or from Resource Details.
  • Copies and availability have been combined into one line within Resource Details.
  • After activating or deactivating a resource, the record will show with the correct status but remain on the page in the selected view until page is refreshed.
  • After deleting a resource, the record will show with the message, “This resource has been deleted.” Once the page is refreshed, it will be removed from the view. The process is the same when restoring a resource after it’s been deleted.

Review Journals – To make review journal titles more discoverable, we’ve included them in search results. In the Easy Search field, it is now possible to find School Library Journal, Booklist, and the other journals for which we have license agreements by simply entering the name of the journal or the term “Review Journal” in the keyword search. Users can also search for “Review Journals Newest” to see the most recent issues for all journals. Additionally, a product filter is available to narrow the results. Clicking on a review journal will return titles for the selected issue.

For example, searching for “School Library Journal” will return the following results.