MackinVIA Dashboard, Assignments, and Deep Discovery

MackinVIA Dashboard, Assignments, and Deep Discovery

MackinVIA Admin

Dashboard – An exciting new feature in the MackinVIA Administrator program gives users a snapshot of activity in their MackinVIA account. The new screen, which we call the Dashboard, has statistics and graphs to offer analytical insights to administrators. Data points include:

  • Current checkouts, online reads, assignments, requests and holds
  • Resource statistics
  • Login statistics
  • Reading statistics
  • Category activity and collection distribution
  • Extended circulation distribution across four areas
  • Notes and bookmark statistics
  • Top Resources and total views

The Dashboard is the default page of the Administrator program and replaces the Circulation menu option previously located on the menu bar. To view circulation, users can simply click on current checkouts, online reads, assignments, requests, or holds. Please note: Activity data is still building for all MackinVIA accounts. We anticipate the process will be complete by the week after Thanksgiving.

Assignments redeem link – We’ve added the ability to copy a link from the Administrator program that can be distributed to students or posted on a class webpage. When clicked, the assignment will be redeemed to the students (after successful login.) We have a similar link available for Class Sets.

To access the redeem link, admin users will click on the code for the desired assignment.  The redeem link can then be communicated with students.

ProQuest Deep Discovery Search panel – ProQuest Administrators can now enter and save their ProQuest credentials to enable the Deep Discovery integration. The panel can be found under Settings > Integrations. Supported ProQuest databases include SIRS Issues Researcher, SIRS Discoverer and eLibrary.


Support for Campus Learning – MackinVIA is now a supported application on Campus Learning, a relatively new learning management system created by Infinite Campus. MackinVIA can be added as a tool provider to the platform, allowing resources and groups to be embedded in assignments. Resources in MackinVIA can be securely accessed from Campus Learning using LTI launch URLs. Please note: Students will be required to log into MackinVIA the first time; subsequent access will be automatic.