Tag Report, Profile and More Tag Report, Profile and More

Tag Report updates – The following enhancements were made to the Tag Report:

  • Included a link to go back to the TitleMatch / Tag Report page.
  • Added the total number of collection titles analyzed so users can easily determine how the collection percentage is calculated.
  • Added the number of tagged titles, collection %, and average age to the Classification breakdown. These numbers reflect the totals for the selected tag and will not change when navigating to Dewey 100s or 10s.
  • Category selections will be cleared after closing the Print modal.
  • Linked to the Help Guide topic from the Options menu.

Profile settings – We’ve added the ability to disable profile settings when viewing search results. This will allow users to view Mackin Title Lists, Review Journals, and other results in their entirety without being limited by search preferences.

A Profile Settings checkbox will now display as a new filter and will be enabled by default.

Users can uncheck it to disable their Profile Settings and re-execute the search. A message will be displayed at the top of the page to alert users that their preferences are not applied. To re-enable the settings, select the checkbox again or click on the link in the message. Please note: This option is not saved in the database, so refreshing the browser will re-enable it automatically.

A message will also be displayed on the Profile page when the settings are disabled. Users can click on the link in the message to re-enable the page and make additional adjustments as desired.

Additionally, we updated the No Results message when there are no alternate items to alert users to check their Profile settings for any exclusions.

Mackin Take-Home/Summer Reading Book Packs – We’ve updated the Mackin Take-Home/Summer Reading Book Packs to utilize the new kitting functionality, similar to MackinMaker Take & Make Kits. Users can search for the Book Packs by the series name, filtering their results by the new product type, or navigating to Advanced Search > Books.

The kit details page displays information about each kit along with a list of all items included.

  • Users can click on each item to view more details.
  • Items exclusive to the kit, such as reading journals and bookmarks, are not sold separately.

Order History sort by options – We’ve included new sort options on the Order History page. Users can now sort by Date Received: Older and Purchase Order: Z-A. We also updated the “Purchase Order” label to “Purchase Order: A-Z” to account for the new additions.

List Summary – Three enhancements were implemented on the List Summary feature.

  • Print options were added to support users who would rather print certain tabs of the summary information as opposed to the entire report.

  • Added by User is a new line item in the More Summary Info tab
  • Large Print is a new line item in the More Summary Info tab