Common Sense Media and List Export

Common Sense Media and List Export

Common Sense Media – We’ve partnered with Common Sense Media to include their age-based ratings and reviews for books on our site.

A new section for Common Sense Media is present on the full record page for titles with reviews. Information includes age and star ratings, a review, and descriptive categories.

Click on a category to view details along with a rating of how much of it can be found within the book – ranging from a lot (“5 dots”) to very little (“1 dot”).

Common Sense Media is also available as a new filter when viewing search results and included in the Reviews & Awards section of Advanced Search and the Filter List modal. Selecting the filter will return any titles with reviews.

Please note: Common Sense Media reviews are not included with full-text reviews for list exports and printouts at this time. For more information about Common Sense Media, please visit

COMING SOON! To be released on in the coming weeks: List Export – Users can choose whether to include tags, full-text reviews, and/or annotations when exporting a list to Excel. Previously, tags and annotations were added by default, and full-text reviews were added if the Reviews column was visible. Please note: The export will continue to include all visible columns present on list details.