MackinVIA Reader, Admin, and More

MackinVIA Reader, Admin, and More


MackinVIA Version: 6.3.0

Please note: These enhancements are for An app release is planned for summer 2022.

Holds – We’ve updated the icon and verbiage that displays when a request becomes a hold so it’s easier to determine when the requested title is available to check out.

MackinVIA Reader

Page transitions – A subtle graphical representation of turning pages within eBooks has been added. This is important in books with pages and pages of text (no graphics) where the user may not even realize the page turned.

Start page – When a user opens an eBook for the first time, the initial start position has been adjusted to be the very first page in the file. This is most often the cover, but it can also be an inside title page depending on the assets we receive from the publisher. Please note: This will only affect eBooks opened by a user for the first time. Titles previously accessed by the user will open to the last read position.

MackinVIA Admin

Shared Collection Management – Our developers have begun to lay the foundation for an administrative area used to manage shared digital collections. The first layer being released is the Resources view for shared collections, which at this time allows a full administrator at the district or consortium level to do the following:

  • View all resources in the shared collection, including those migrated at the district or consortium level.
  • Easily delete resources, such as expired subscriptions or outdated titles, to remove them from discovery in all VIA accounts where the titles were shared.
  • View all VIA accounts where a resource is shared and see its status (active, inactive, expired, or deleted) within those accounts.

More information on this development will be sent out separately to district/consortium administrators.  Additional features and functionality for Shared Collection Management are scheduled to be released during the summer of 2022.

Thin Common Cartridge – We’ve enhanced Thin Common Cartridge exports to include the following resource metadata:

  • License Type
  • Keywords – contains both Additional Keywords and Subjects

Additionally, the name of the group will now be present in the file name.

Classroom Labels – Users desiring labels for classroom orders will be able to select from various options in a new step added to the Send Order process.

  • These options appear for Classroom and Bookroom/Leveled Library orders when “Yes” is selected for Classroom Labels.
  • The next step will then present a selection of standard classroom label options
  • When a label is chosen, the user should indicate label placement
  • The options that are selected will be indicated in the order notification email and the Submitted List Detail view.

Review filters – We’ve added the ability to filter search results by the number of review sources. Users can select 1+ Reviews, 2+ Reviews, or 3+ Reviews. Please note: If a number is entered in the “Number of Reviews” field on the Advanced Search page, the corresponding number of reviews will be locked when viewing the search results. Example: If 3 is entered, the filter will be locked at 3+ Reviews.

Read-Alongs on List Summary – Users can now view Read-Alongs under the Features section on the Digital Info tab.

Order Status report – Users will now be able to export the Order Status report. The first tab of the export contains order status information, and the second tab contains the actual listing of titles and their statuses.