MackinVIA Class Sets and Interface Updates

MackinVIA Class Sets and Interface Updates

This release contains several major MackinVIA enhancements including a new feature to support class set licenses for eBooks, an updated user interface with streamlined navigation, and a new system for capturing user metrics.

Class Sets – We’ve designed a new feature to support short-term eBook licenses which are designated for classroom use only. This feature will allow teachers and/or librarians to purchase multiple copies of an eBook for a shorter license term at an affordable price. Only one student can access a copy of the eBook for the license term, and the copy will be used up once the term ends. Licenses are non-transferable; however, an add/drop period was built into the system to account for student transfers.

Similar to the Assignments feature, MackinVIA Administrators or Group Managers will allocate copies of the desired class set title within the Administrator side of MackinVIA.

 Students will then be provided with a code or redemption link to access the resource in their Backpacks for the length of the license term. 

Important Notes:

  • Class set eBooks will not be included in MackinVIA circulation, and they will not appear in search results
  • MARC records will not be provided — publishers have prohibited these titles from being circulated in libraries
  • Titles will not appear on VIA usage reports

Class Sets on

Users can search for class sets by navigating to Advanced Search > Ebooks & Digital or filtering their results by the new license type – Class Set: 1 User. The license type and term will display in the edition


MackinVIA Version: 5.6

Please note: An app update is required to take advantage of the new features. Users that open the previous version of the app will be prompted to upgrade. Click here to view a list of supported browsers and devices for the 2020-2021 school year.

User Interface update – The interface has been refreshed with new styles and more white space. The end result is much cleaner, less cluttered, and more contemporary. All color themes are still supported.

Reading Metrics – We’ve created a new system in MackinVIA for capturing meaningful user metrics in the Reader. A dashboard to view these metrics will be released in September or October. Activity captured includes:

  • Number of words and number of pages read
  • Time spent in eBooks and digital audiobooks
  • Book finished – yes or no
  • Device type and platform type

Reader refresh – The MackinVIA Reader also has a fresh look, with a new toolbar, navigation menu, and context menu.

  • Functionality, for the most part, has not changed
  • As with most other major e-readers, the toolbar and navbar are hidden while reading unless the user clicks/taps in the white spaces to display it
  • There is one “sticky note” icon to indicate the notebook as well as taking a note
  • Clicking or tapping the X in the top right corner is the same as Close Book in the main left menu (accessed in the burger menu)
  • The search “magnifying glass” icon was also added to the top right corner menu

Checkout History – This new feature allows users to view their past checkouts, even titles that are no longer active. The page is accessible by clicking the “View Past Checkouts” button on the Checkouts

Citation updates – EasyBib now offers citations in APA 7th edition. We’ve updated the APA format in our citation tool to utilize this new style.

Learn360 Deep Discovery Search – Accounts with Learn360 can now activate Deep Discovery Search to query and pull results from this popular multimedia database. This Infobase product allows teachers, students, and parents to access more than 164,000 media resources.

Email notifications – In conjunction with the user interface update, the email notification for a title on hold has a new look. Additionally, users will now receive email notifications when an assignment or class set becomes available if email addresses are associated with their Backpacks. A notation will also appear on the Backpack icon to alert users.