Tags and Custom List Request Tags and Custom List Request

Tags – Thanks to the expertise of our Collection Development team, we developed a system for tagging resources in specific curricular areas. Now those tags are visible and searchable on

  • New page for exploring the tag system is available through the main menu by navigating to Title Lists > Tags.
  • Users can conduct top-level category searches and filter the results, e.g. “Diversity”
  • Users can select a specific tag to see just the titles with that tag, e.g. “Latinx”
  • Users can select tag combinations to find titles that fall into any of the selected tags, e.g. “High Interest” or “High-Low”
  • Tags will also display on the full record view in the Similar Searches area.
  • The List Summary feature has a dedicated tab for listing categories of tags and specific tags.

Custom List Request document upload – On occasion, we have customers who would like to submit a formatted document containing additional information along with their Custom List Request. A new file uploader on the final step of the Custom List Request process offers an alternative to pasting the contents of a document into a notes field, which does not support formatting.

Please note: This feature may take an additional day or two of testing before it is enabled on the Custom List Request form.