Login Page, TitleMatch, and Send Order Wizard Login Page, TitleMatch, and Send Order Wizard

Online Specs – The online Specs form has been redesigned to match the pdf form. Login page – this page has received a facelift!  This update is aesthetic and login function remains the same.

 TitleMatch for submitted lists – We added a status column to the TitleMatch popup for submitted lists. Users can now identify whether the match for a title appears on a list submitted for quote or order.

District-Approved Titles – The Merge and Move/Copy features have been enhanced to display the indicators for district-approved titles.

Send Order Wizard – We added Large Print to the “Your Order Includes” section on the Send Order Wizard so users are aware of these titles prior to submitting an order. Large Print titles will also appear in this section on the order confirmation email as well as the submitted list details page.

Teacher Guides – When users download Teacher Guides from Order History, they will now see a spinner and message letting them know the download is in progress.

MARC Record Download Instructions – To assist users who download MARC records from the website, we updated the verbiage on the Download Instructions info tip. Additionally, a link to the help topic is now included.

Profile Exclusions – Product type exclusions from the Profile will now be applied to sets/series, as well as the individual products.