Send Records

Once you have your records exported to a file, you can send them using one of the methods below. Please contact Mackin at 800.245.9540 if you need assistance.

Send Online
For step-by-step instructions to upload your MARC Records directly to Mackin, click below.
Email Us
Attach your MARC file to an email message to It may take a few minutes depending on the size of your file.
FTP Transfer
Save your records to a MARC file, rename it with your school’s name, and place the file on your desktop. Use an FTP server program, like Filezilla, to access the secure Mackin FTP server.


Port: 21

Data port range:  (if necessary): 5000-5050

Username and Password: publicftp

Once successfully connected to the Mackin FTP server, double click into the to_mackin folder and drag the MARC file from your desktop into the to_mackin folder window.

Make note that you will not see your MARC file into the window after it has uploaded, but you should have confirmation within your FTP server program that the file was uploaded successfully.

Once the file is uploaded, send an email to indicating you have uploaded a file onto the Mackin FTP server and what the file name is.