Export Instructions

Detailed Instructions

Learn how to export MARC records for the more commonly used software systems. For other software systems, please contact your software technical support desk or call us at 800.245.9540.

  1. Go to Cataloging > Export
  2. In the Select and Sort by section of the screen, open the list and choose a range type ( Barcode range works best). Then use the Range from and to. Send ALL your Marc Records
  3. In the Export File box, enter the full path and name of the export file. Name the file your school’s name for identification purposes
  4. Click Export
  5. Save the file to your desktop
  1. Click Catalog then My Catalog.
  2. From the drop-down Actions menu, choose Export MARC records.
  3. Next, enter a filename and destination for the exported records.
  4. Choose the MARC output format.
  5. Generally, tick only the first checkbox Must have valid ISBN, and leave the remaining checkboxes unticked.
  6. When ready, click EXPORT.
  7. A confirmation message will appear when the export has finished.
  1. Choose Operations > Export
  2. Select Items (left side of screen) > Export Items, Title Based.
  3. Under the Options tab, select the export Format (MARC).
  4. Click Run (bottom right corner) to begin the export.
  5. Click the Wrench Icon (top right corner) to open Operation Management.
  6. Click the Page Icon next to your export. You will either be prompted to name/save the file to your Desktop (please rename to your school name), or the file will automatically be placed in your computer’s Downloads folder.
  1. Select Cataloging > Export MARC Records
  2. Select No order
  3. Do not limit the export
  4. In Export to File box – Browse to select Desktop and name it your school name
  5. Select Export as a Single MARC Record
  6. Click on Export (progress displays on screen)
  7. Click OK when export is complete
  1. Click Catalog > Export MARC Records
  2. Click on Filter
  3. Click on Generate List (to export all records)
  4. Click on the box for Place copies together in the same Marc Record
  5. Click on Export Queued Records
  6. File Download screen appears
  7. Click Save, name the file your school’s name and save to your desktop
  1. Click on Activities > Cataloging > MARC records/Export MARC records
  2. In the pop up window, select Desktop for the export
  3. Name the file your school’s name
  4. Select All Record
  5. Click Open > OK > Close
  1. Go to Cataloging Application > File > Export MARC 21/852 Holdings Format
  2. Choose No Range export method from the submenu
  3. Check the All Records and Include Copy Information
  4. Select Export and Save to desktop using your school name
  1. Go to the Cataloging Tab
  2. Click on Export Titles
  3. Select ALL to export all records, include the copy information and UTF-8 file format
  4. Click Export
  5. View progress under Admin, Job Manager
  6. When export is complete, Click View
  7. Right click Export File; Select Save Link As, (in Firefox & Chrome) or Save Target As (Internet Explorer)
  8. Please rename the file: YourSchoolName.001and it save to your desktop.
  1. Click Admin
  2. Open the Export Target Table in the Table Editor, Click New
  3. Enter a code and description for the new export
  4. Enter the tag in which to put item information
  5. In the Item Columns, add the column name from the item table and the MARC subfield for each piece of item data you want to export (e.x.; location, collection, call number) Clicking the New button in the blank between entries
  6. Name the file your school’s name and save it to your desktop. Click Save
  7. Close Horizon and log back in for the new settings
  1. Go to Cataloging > Export
  2. Export by Call Number. Leave range BLANK
  3. Click Browse to navigate to the desktop and name the file your school name
  4. Click Export
  1. Click More > Tools > Catalog > Export Bibliographic and Holdings Data
  2. Fill in the form in order to limit your export to a specific range (all fields are optional)
  3. Choose what to limit and skip for exporting
  4. Choose file type (MARC) and name the file your school’s name
  5. Click Export
  1. Choose Administration > Import/Export > Export.
  2. Select the Item tab.
  3. Deselect all dates in Created From/To and Modify From/To fields.
  4. In the Location field, make sure All is selected and the Export Copy Info box is checked.
  5. In the File Types dropdown select Text document (*.txt).
  6. Click Export.
  7. You will either be prompted to name/save the file to your Desktop (please rename to your school name), or the file will automatically be placed in your computer’s Downloads folder.
  1. Click Functions > Library File
  2. Highlight 1st file, hold down shift key and highlight last file to select all files
  3. Go to File > Export
  4. Select: Selected Records
  5. File Choice: MARC Record
  6. Save to desktop (name the file your school’s name)

Version 4.X

  1. Choose Cataloging Utilities > File > Extract Records.
  2. Select Copy to File.
  3. Name the file (school name) and click OK.
  4. You will either be prompted to save the file to your Desktop, or the file will automatically be placed in your computer’s Downloads folder.

Version 5.4.1

  1. Choose LS2 Cataloging > Advanced
  2. On the Advanced Search Screen, click Location – Owning
  3. In the Type and Select drop down choose your location and click Search
  4. It will change to the Items tab. Click on the top box to Select All items.
  5. In the highlighted blue bar that has appeared click on the blue text that should say “Select all X Items
  6. Click on Export in upper right. Another box will pop open, click Export again.
  7. Go to the Notification Screen when export is complete and click on the Paper Clip button to download file.
  1. In the Library Page Home window, select the records you want to export
  2. Select File > Export > MARC
  3. Name the file and save it to your desktop
  4. Click Save > No Translate
  5. Select All Copies > OK
  1. Go to Catalog
  2. Click Show All link to export all of your records
  3. Select Export link and click on Export
  4. Select MARC
  5. When export is done, click Download
  6. The MARC records will be downloaded to a Zip file on your desktop or to your default download location
  1. Go to Cataloging > Resources.
  2. From the drop-down Resources menu in the upper right, select Browse.
  3. The number of records may be limited after the Browse search. You can confirm whether it is limited to see if there is a link and a ‘+’ symbol next to the number of records at the top. If you click the link, it will now display all records.
  4. From the drop-down Resources function menu in the upper right-hand corner, choose Export MARC.
  5. The Resource MARC export format popup box should open.
  6. Choose the Generated MARC21 in the MARC Format list.
  7. Leave the Include copies checkbox ticked, along with the bibliographic information.
  8. Click the Export button.
  9. A Download MARC data link will display once the export is completed.
  1. Choose Catalog > Cataloging Tools.
  2. Click on Export.
  3. Under Search Options select the collection to export (Ex: Library). Select bibliographic.
  4. Under the Title field, enter *. Click Search.
  5. Click Select All.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the file name YourSchoolName.txt. Click Finish.
  8. Right click on the file link and go to Save link/target as to save it in your preferred location.
  1. Select Items > Export
  2. You have the choice to Select export type: Choose “entire database”
  3. Select all item types listed
  4. Click Export button. Wait several minutes, Press F5
  5. Once numbered MARC file is listed, Click on the file to download to Desktop or Downloads folder
  6. Rename the file to your school’s name and save it
  1. From the main Polaris menu > Utilities > Export
  2. Set the date or other parameters
  3. The Save to File dialog box opens
  4. Save file to your desktop
  5. Type your school’s name in the File Name: box
  6. Click on the Save button
  7. The Batch Bibs Export Status dialog box opens and you can watch the progress of the export
  8. Click OK when it is finished
  1. Go to Workflows > Reports and Notices > Schedule New Reports. Under the Bibliographic tab, click Extract Keys for MARC Export. Click Setup and Schedule and go to the Item Selection tab and enter your building’s code in the Library field. Click Run Now.
  2. Confirm that the report has finished by clicking Display Finished Reports. Refresh view if necessary.
  3. In the Cataloging menu, right-click MARC Export (CTRL-click on a Mac), and select Properties. Confirm that the following are selected: Include 999 holdings data, Format of output file: MARC format, Export all records to one file.
  4. Left-click MARC Export (in Cataloging menu), indicate that file should be saved on the client. Click Browse to name the file your school’s name, save to your desktop and click Export.
  1. Go to Cataloging > Export Records
  2. Select which records to export by leaving the conditions BLANK, this will export all records
  3. Click the Save Records button
  4. Save the file to your desktop and name the file after your school
  1. Select Materials > Export
  2. Select All Materials from Export menu
  3. All the options should gray-out except for the output file
  4. Select USMARC/852 Holdings Data
  5. Click Browse to desktop and in the Output file field, enter your school’s name
  6. Click Export