David Towner

The Spectacular Life of Benito Martin Del Canto


Upon discovering that her handwritten novel (a gift from her father) may be an unpublished, autobiographical manuscript by Miguel Cervantes, an American schoolgirl and her Spanish teacher submit it to experts for analysis. Throughout the course of evaluating the novel, a fantasy life filled with dragons, natural phenomena, and unbelievable tales of accomplishment unfolds through the eyes of the author, and rewrites sixteenth-century history.

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Originally from Alaska (Chugiak-Eagle River), David Towner is an American Entrepreneur, Comedian, Writer and Filmmaker. Prior to pursuing his business and entertainment ventures, he served as a US Army Paratrooper with missions in Somalia, Haiti and Cuba. Towner is most known for his quirky feature film, Our Scripted Life, which was released in 2020 and was downloaded half a million times in the first three months after being released. The film was the public introduction to Towner’s character Roscoe Turner, a hillbilly from Kentucky who offers his own brand of unsolicited wisdom. Towner is also the Creator and Head Writer for the graphic novel series, Aztec Warrior God, which has gained millions of fans around the world. He is married to model Brandi Mendoza. The couple has triplet girls, born in 2017, and reside primarily in Palm Beach County, Florida.