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The StrongReader Builder™ Classics have been carefully selected and curated to meet the needs of all students, and striving readers in particular, by providing superior text accessibility. StrongReader Builder™ books are rendered in Noah Text®, a proprietary evidence-based methodology. Noah Text® is a specialized scaffolded text that provides accessibility for readers of all ages, making reading fun.  Noah Text® builds reading skills by:

Allowing readers to see sound-parts within words for proper decoding and enunciation

Highlighting syllables and long vowels while keeping words intact

Freeing up cognitive resources for readers to devote to comprehension

Simulating a simpler writing system in which learning to read is easier due to visible, predictable word patterns

This passage is written in Noah Text® to demonstrate how StrongReader Builder™ helps struggling readers, dyslexics, and English-language learners increase their reading fluency, stamina, accuracy, and confidence.

This text has been written using NoahText.

StrongReader Builder™ Classics

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About Noah Text® and the StrongReader Builder™ Collection

Noah Text, LLC, was established in 2016 in Old Mystic, CT, when it released its patent-pending methodology under the registered trademark Noah Text®. Noah Text® was designed to address the fact that English has one of the most irregular, complex writing systems in the world, requiring two to three times more reading instruction time and practice than most other languages, leading to higher rates of dyslexia and struggle. Noah Text® was selected as an Innovation Showcase Panelist by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) at its 2017 Education Business Forum. Noah Text Publishing and its StrongReader Builder™ brand were developed to help readers benefit from this highly effective methodology. Noah Text® has enabled many students to read chapter books for the very first time.