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The Coolest Pets


Grades 1-3


What kind of pet is right for you? This is the basic question behind this informative look at the coolest and most popular pets for kids. A wide variety of animals are highlighted—from dogs, cats, and fish to ponies, mice, and reptiles. Short, focused blocks of text and colorful photographs introduce readers to the basics of pet care, as well as important details about common species and breeds. Readers learn how to feed, train, and safely play with different kinds of pets while also learning fun facts about animals through graphic organizers and fact boxes.

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About Greenhaven Publishing

Greenhaven, Lucent, and KidHaven deliver unique perspectives that allow learners in K-12 and beyond access to a multiplicity of viewpoints and a depth of exploration in a wide variety of subject matter. This extensive array of offerings engages, challenges, provokes, inspires, and richly rewards the reader. When students are engaged by what they read and recognize its direct—even urgent—relevance to their lives, their comprehension skills increase as they enthusiastically set out on the road to lifelong reading and learning.