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A Look at Money Matters


Grades 5-8


A budget may seem like something only parents and politicians need to worry about, but as readers will come to understand, anyone interested in saving up to buy something special needs to understand this concept. Budding financiers of all reading levels will learn about budgets big and small as well as some of the language of economics, such as income and expenses. They’ll also discover how some simple math can help people plan and stick to a budget. Real-world examples, helpful photographs and images, and valuable fact boxes offer support as readers absorb these integral concepts.


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For the past 30+ years, Gareth Stevens Publishing has focused on high-interest nonfiction titles aligned to meet curriculum objectives for grades Pre-K through 8. From an exciting line of nonfiction books designed for early-emergent to fluent readers, to engaging, on-level nonfiction books supporting the curriculum at the elementary grades, and curriculum-related topics for middle school students, our titles lead children to a lifetime of learning through high-quality, high-interest materials.