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Life Around the World


Grades K-2


Young readers take a trip around the world in this engaging guide to global diversity. As early learners explore what life is like in different countries, they’re encouraged to develop a deeper appreciation for other cultures and a strong sense of curiosity about the world. Simple, informative text introduces beginning readers to various aspects of life around the world, from homes and holidays to work and play. Colorful photographs of different kinds of foods, schools, and games help readers gain a deeper understanding of these topics and make this a reading experience to remember. Features include: Readers are encouraged to compare and contrast life in each country with the others they read about and with their own lives. The narratives explain how geography and environmental factors play a part in how people live, which relates to early elementary social studies curricula. Designed to foster a sense of appreciation for diversity and respect for people from other places, which are hallmarks of good citizenship.

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Leveraging the magnificent print and digital assets of Marshall Cavendish’s US Library Programs, Cavendish Square is proud to announce a robust and diverse list of library-bound circulating nonfiction series and early readers that range in grade level from kindergarten to college. Their highly acclaimed readers are perfect for emergent through fluent grade 2 readers. Their circulating reference and nonfiction series support the science, social studies, and health curricula, covering everything from Cultures of the World to It’s My State to the Backyard Safari. Their digital program features more than 750 titles available as eBooks and more than 50 digital databases on our enhanced user-friendly platforms.