Tag Report

Introducing Tag Reports

Many school districts are striving to make their library collections reflect their student population’s diversity while also aligning their collections to their curricular goals.

A free service designed by Mackin’s team of professional librarians and teachers that puts you in control, allowing you to conduct your own analysis based on collection tags. Everything from tags to data analysis, category overviews, report generation and more, are all available to you whenever you need it, giving you the ideal tool to assess and manage your collection.

How Is The Report Generated?

The report is built when a collection is uploaded for TitleMatch
Collection Analysis
It is recommended to have a Collection Analysis to view classification details – Categories, such as Nonfiction, Fiction, and Other (Biography, Easy, Story Collection, etc), are based on how items are designated in the collection analysis.
Report Layout
Modeled after the List Summary feature
MARC Records
Analyzed to identify collection titles that match against our set of tagged titles

Category Overview

Provides a high-level overview of all tagged items in the collection and a breakdown of tag categories by average age, number of items, and percentage of the collection.


After selecting a category, users will see tag details including number of titles for nonfiction, fiction, other categories, and collection total, along with average age and percentage of collection.

Learn More About Tag Reports!

Classification Details

After selecting a tag, users will see classification details including tabs for categories, Dewey 100s, and Dewey 10s.

Search for More Titles

Easily search our site for more tagged titles by clicking on the magnifying glass next to the desired tag to execute a search.

Print the Report

Users can print the report from the Options menu on the Overview page.

Export List of Titles

After selecting collection numbers from the Tags page users can export a list of titles from the Options menu on the Titles page.