Video Power Driving Education Transformation

Award-winning Eduvision is a robust, safe and secure media portal for the K-12 market, offering solutions for video capture, creation and publishing in a way that is cost-effective, easy and secure. With student privacy becoming increasingly important, security is a key differentiator over free industry solutions.

Key Features and Functions

Video Management
Video management options, such as private, PPV, managed availability, password protection, download, up to 5 associated documents/videos/images, etc.
Embed Videos
Eduvision portals can be embedded into websites and customized for consistent branding.
Award-Winning Training and Support Team
Video production training that has even the most skeptical or fearful teachers making their first video within the first 20 minutes of the class.
User Management
Enables tiers of secure administrative functionality, from a contributor to a channel manager to a site administrator. Groups of teachers or administrators can be assigned to any number of channels to enable simple content management.
Eduvision Portal
Capture, create and publish video in three clicks.
Enhanced Community Relationships
Through live streaming and on-demand broadcasts of school board meetings, school events such as plays, sporting events, classes, etc.
Integrates with SMS and LMS systems such as Moodle and Techsmith’s popular product such as Relay and Camtasia.
Homework Assignments
Enables students to build creative videos for homework assignments.
Channel Management
Enables unlimited channels and sub-channels to organize and manage content in any way that works for the organization. Examples: by subject, grade level, teacher or school. The options are endless.

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Licensing and Access

Renewal Required

Lifetime Access

Simultaneous Access

Multi-School Discounts

Multi-Year Discounts

Content Correlation

Teacher Resources

Renewal Required: You must renew this subscription every year.
Lifetime Access: You only need to purchase this product one time.
Simultaneous Access: More than one person can use this product at the same time.
Multi-School Incremental Discounts: Discounts available if purchasing for more than one school/location. Contact Mackin for discount information at
Multi-Year Discounts: Discounts available if purchasing for more than one consecutive year. Contact Mackin for discount information at
Content Correlation: NF=Nonfiction F=Fiction

Eduvision is a SAS (software as a service) cloud-based service that is optimized so that schools do not need to add bandwidth or other infrastructure to support its use.

Videos on Eduvision portals can be viewed, uploaded and downloaded from any device.