Arrowhead Shared Digital Consortium

Your school’s MackinVIA account is already loaded with hundreds of titles that have been purchased by your Arrowhead Library System and are ready for your students to use, right now.

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Interested in additional titles? Contact the Arrowhead Library System Regional Librarian, Mollie Stanford. Please send MackinVIA questions to

MARC Records

MARC Maintenance

If you are looking to remove expired consortium titles from your library catalog system, please review this video for a refresher on how to run a report from your MackinVIA administrator page.


Need further help on managing subscriptions? View our help guide topic here.

Training and Resources

MackinVIA Certification Course

Resources For MackinVIA Training

Learn About MackinVIA

Promotional Materials

We offer many templates to help you promote MackinVIA in your school. They include all these and more!

Shelf Marker Cards

Help Guides

We offer several focused help guides for you to easily learn more about how to operate your MackinVIA.