Award-winning multimedia program that combines folktales from the world’s great oral traditions.

Story Cove is a highly acclaimed collection of online resources developed to help children discover a love of reading, all while mastering the Common Core Standards. Story Cove immerses children in highly engaging, animated folktales and read-along audio from the world’s great oral traditions. Each animated story is leveled and includes differentiated lesson plans to supplement any reading curriculum from K-2nd grade. The easy to use, award-winning platform was developed with classroom teachers to help emerging readers strengthen their core reading skills.

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Annual Subscription Features

Automated Read-to-Me
Young readers can build connections between the words they hear and the highlighted phrases they see.
Learning Activities
Reinforce multi-cultural origins of stories and enhance a child’s relationship to stories.
Self-Paced Read Along
Emerging readers turn each page to move comfortably at their own pace with or without audio narration.

Benefits of Story Cove

Develop a love of timeless stories
Strengthen core reading skills Learn about diverse cultural traditions
Reinforce Common Core Standards
Develop core values & character traits

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