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Grades K-6

TumblePremium is your answer to building literacy and technological skills for the 21st century student. The TumblePremium collection has over 1100 titles, and is perfect for public libraries and elementary schools, with content most appropriate for those in grades K-6. It includes animated talking picture books, chapter books, videos, nonfiction titles, playlists, books in French and Spanish, and a hugely popular graphic novels section. The content has been carefully curated to meet the evolving needs of a diverse readership, with particular care taken to make the site accessible, educational, and entertaining for all reading levels, interests, and cultures.

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Grades K-6

TumbleMath is the most comprehensive collection of math picture books you will find anywhere! Every book is in the amazing TumbleBook format, complete with animation and narration! TumbleMath covers everything from simpler concepts like addition and subtraction to more complex math concepts like fractions, finance, and graphing. The books are accompanied by supplementary materials such as lesson plans and quizzes.

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Grades 6-12

TeenBookCloud is an online collection of eBooks and read-along chapter books, graphic novels, educational videos, and audio books! What sets TeenBookCloud apart is that readers have the freedom to adjust the text size, line width, and spacing, font style and color, and the background color on all the eBooks. This level of customization adds an invaluable level of accessibility! And like all TumbleBooks databases, there are no check-outs, downloads, or waitlists: all books are available 24/7 to every user, at the click of a button! The site also includes access to the Common Core Portal with lesson plans and online quizzes aligned to Common Core Standards.

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AudioBookCloud is an online collection of over 1200 streaming audio books for schools and libraries. A subscription to AudioBookCloud gives you unlimited remote access to your audio book collection at the click of a button. The wide selection includes everything from full-cast recordings of Shakespearean plays to contemporary fiction, to science fiction, and more!

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