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The Visual Dictionary you already know becomes more accessible than ever. With more than 12 million copies sold worldwide, the widely acclaimed dictionary is now available in a convenient web interface. Discover the objects and phenomena of everyday life through hyperrealistic illustrations and accurate terminology.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

An interactive image gallery allows you to explore all the possibilities of the Visual.
Exceptional Illustrations
The highly realistic illustrations make it possible to observe the smallest details.
Hierarchy Screens
See all the screens related to a level of the thematic structure (theme, subtheme, topic, or subtopic) in one click.

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Always Find the Right Word

23,000 Terms in Context
From architectural elements to plant species to the main parts of an automobile, find the exact term you’re looking for. The distinctive thematic structure of the Visual situates the term in one or more levels of specialization accompanied by definitions, ensuring a deep understanding of the term in context.
Search Engine
Quickly find all the illustrations related to the different meanings of the search term.
Dictionary Panel
In one click, display a precise definition of the selected term, its equivalents in other languages, as well as links to other illustrations related to the same content.

Expand your knowledge of the world by exploring the 18 themes of the Visual:

Endless Learning Opportunities

Exercise Mode
Test your knowledge by matching the term you see or hear with its corresponding label in the image.
Multilingual Display
Display terms and definitions in multiple languages at once, or start the exercise mode in the language of your choice.
Terms Pronunciation
Listen to the terms in any language of your choice.

The Visual is available in English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

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Javascript media plugin.

Web browser:
Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Recommended: Google Chrome. The Visual also works on Chromium browsers like Edge and Brave. It is highly recommended to use the latest versions of the web browsers.

Operating systems:
Windows, Mac OS. Recommended: the latest versions of Windows 7+ and macOS 10.14+- Internet connection with 10+ Mbps.