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PreK-3 Foundational Literacy

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Rosen LevelUp is a robust adaptive reading platform that brings PreK–2+ educators and students to one engaging resource to foster students’ literacy growth. Supporting small group and whole class instruction as well as individualized practice, Rosen LevelUp provides a personalized experience for every student!

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Library of Over 2,300 Books

The LevelUp library includes:

Authentic fiction and nonfiction texts
700+ Spanish and bilingual titles
An interactive phonics solution
All books readily available in online, projectable, mobile, and printable formats

Engaging Student Gaming Environment

LevelUp makes learning fun and engaging through a game environment designed to encourage students to build their reading skills with a personalized learning experience.

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Robust Reporting for Analysis

Rosen LevelUp offers robust, intuitive reporting for analysis. Educators have access to essential reporting at a glance, plus the ability to drill down to over 100 data points at the district, school, class, and student levels.

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“Rosen LevelUp is a powerful adaptive literacy platform that allows teachers to easily sort texts to align to their instructional design as well as to their students’ instructional needs. It is the ability to flex the resource and to use it across the gradual release within the literacy block that makes it so special. The benefit to the student is immediate, as texts are accessible in various formats and can be utilized in any classroom at any time. The ease of integration is a great strength of the platform.”

Amber Molloy

Program Administrator of Literacy of Montgomery County, PA

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