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Leveled Library Specification

Most commonly used options are noted (◊) next to each classification, when available.

Reading ProgramSelect One


6 books per package. If both Cardboard Sleeves and Plastic Zip Bags are selected, packaging will only receive sleeve processing.

Cardboard Sleeves – $6.50 eachIncludes processing on sleeve: Enhanced barcode, spine label with reading program and title and colored protector over spine label based on reading level.
Plastic Zip Bags – 40¢ eachIncludes label of choice placed on bag.
Plastic Zip Bags LabelSelect One

Book Labels

1 free reading program label on books, 10¢ for each additional label.

Book Label Options
Reading Program LabelIncludes reading program level selected above
Standard Barcode
Custom Label

Reading Program Label

Placement For Reading Program Label

Standard Barcode

Standard Barcode Options
Standard Barcode Placement

Custom Label

Custom Label Placement

Cataloging Options 

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Sample of Mackin Standard Leveled Library Call #

Subject Headings

Subject Headings Options
◊ Include special subject heading in 690_a tag(appears on enhanced barcode, below school name):


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