We provide SpringBoard users a source for their ancillary book orders.

With over 40 years of experience serving schools and districts nationwide, Mackin not only has the products you need, but also offers numerous value-added services. Contact Classroom Services and we will help connect you with the materials you need!

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MackinBound Bindings

We specialize in MackinBound books, where a paperback cover is replaced with a classroom-quality hardcover binding. More durable than a paperback or traditional hardcover, these bindings are guaranteed for as long as the book is in print. If a book is defective, Mackin will replace the book at no charge.
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Cataloging and Processing

Increasingly, books for classroom use are being bar-coded and tracked within the school’s library automation system. Mackin can create and attach those labels to your specifications or even provide check-out pockets and cards, assisting your teachers in keeping track of the books. Additional fees may apply.
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Free Shipping

There is no charge to ship anywhere in the United States for orders that exceed $50. Orders under that amount will be charged a $5 shipping/handling fee. Charges for shipping outside of the 50 states are based on the method and carrier required for shipment.