Think There's Only One Library Automation System? Think Again!

Accessit Library delivers easy and precise access to a school’s or district’s library catalog and is an essential part of its successful operation. Implementation of Accessit Library creates an environment where the library becomes the trusted hub that connects and integrates a school’s existing systems. Paired with the multiple-award-winning digital content management system, MackinVIA, the combination creates a unique, versatile, and powerful tool.

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Designed With Your Students In Mind

Today the library is more important than it’s ever been. Students need an accessible, easy-to-use library system that grows and evolves with changing ages and learning environments.

Exceptional Customer Support

Our support team are real people with library experience, eager to assist you.

Engaging Student Experience

Accessit Library will motivate your students to be active participants in their own learning and discovery.

Accessit Library One Search

Accessit Library provides a single discovery tool, extending any search far beyond the library catalog.

Robust and Reliable

The system runs itself with little need for IT intervention.

Flexible and Configurable

Works for every type of school, campus and resource, integrating with virtually all IT systems.

Fully Integrated With MackinVIA

Paired with MackinVIA, the combination creates a unique, versatile, and powerful tool.

People Love Accessit Library!

Each Accessit Library customer has a unique library and story. Many are excited to share their experiences with Accessit Library.

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We've designed Accessit Library as an essential part of the entire school's operation. Not only will you love using it, but your students and teachers will too.