LEGO® Education

Welcome LEGO® Education into the Library

Based on the LEGO® brick and carefully designed lesson plans, LEGO® Education offers hands-on, playful, and educational STEAM experiences for students in early learning, primary, and secondary education as well as afterschool programs and competitions.

Early Learning
Prepare children for school and life by building confidence and social skills while igniting their STEAM journey. LEGO® Education solutions inspire natural curiosity and encourage learning through play.
LEGO® Education solutions link STEAM instruction to real-world experiences in an intuitive and fun way. Students engage in engineering, data analysis, and communication, developing skills like critical thinking and collaboration.
LEGO® Education solutions grow with students building confidence in STEAM skills like coding, robotics, and computer science. Simultaneously, they foster 21st-century skills like collaboration and critical thinking.

STEAM Learning Develops Crucial 21st-Century Skills

LEGO® Education gives you everything you need to implement an innovative and effective approach to STEAM learning, from early learning through secondary education, to make students succeed in the future.

Hands-On Learning
Learning-by-doing is the best way to practice and acquire skills, and you will find that the hands-on learning solutions bring high engagement and outcome for all students.
Project-Based Learning
All LEGO® Education learning solutions are project-based, and designed to help students develop excellent social skills that will help them succeed in their future workplaces.
Cross-Curricular Benefits
Our STEAM learning solutions have clear cross-subject benefits, which also demonstrate a positive impact on literacy and math.
Full Teacher Support
LEGO® Education backs educators with standard-aligned lesson plans and professional development courses designed to provide the competencies and confidence necessary to effectively use our materials in a classroom setting.

Build Confidence with LEGO® Education